Inspiration comes from many different sources from the way a pile of leaves look to a plate of elegant food to thinking like a bride... which I have been. I LOVE pretty things and feel every woman deserves to feel like a princess on her special day. If I can help with creating that feeling of being regal then I have done my job.


Although the majority of techniques I use are not my original methods my style is all mine. I tend to be very "loose" with my designs in some ways but very symetrical in other ways.. it depends on what day it is and how I feel.


I try to create not only affordable floral items and arrangements but when a muse insists I create some unique and unusual items as well. These items take time so please respect the pricing decisions I have to make. Some flowers take half an hour to complete just one. Imagine how long it takes to create, organize, adapt, configure, execute and perfect a single arrangement. Although I do really LOVE creating the items I have to offer this is my "job" and I do need to pay myself so I can buy more supplies and create some more!